Are You Stuck In Portfolio Resistance?

" Learn The 7-Step Freedom Process To Release Suppressed Emotions That Drive Your Irrational Behaviors In Trading & Beyond"

So you're profitable (or have been profitable before) & You have an effective system
You have all the resources you need to succeed as a trader, but...

  • ​Always looking for more growth & success?
  • ​Are you self sabotaging yourself ?
  • ​Having hard time taking action?
  • ​​Knowing what to do, but can't follow through?
  • Having a hard time reclaiming your consistency?
  • ​Want to reclaim your inner power?

My Interview with the market wizard Tom Basso

About Khaled

Khaled is a trader and performance coach helping busy traders and fund managers develop and master their mental edge so they can maximize their profits and sustain high performance.

Early in his trading Journey, Khaled realized that traditional trading psychology has flaws as it only focuses on trading.

So he decided to start Trading Roadmap, where he helps traders:

- Expand their mental and emotional capacity.

- Improve their decision-making process and risk-taking ability.

- Boost their performance and stay calm even in stressful situations.

- Create and sustain lasting change in your life.
Khaled holds a degree in Civil Engineering, and he lives with his wife and two kids in Sydney, Australia.

Khaled's work attracted attention from serious public figures, including a Tom Basso who was a fund manager who once oversaw more than $600 million.

Khaled's work attracted attention from serious public figures, including a Tom Basso who was a fund manager who once oversaw more than $600 million.

Khaled's grasp of what great traders have learned over their seasoning process is excellent

"The Art Of Losing by Khaled Maziad is an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand of some of the concepts every trader should understand before rushing off to "gamble" in the markets. 
Khaled's grasp of what great traders have learned over their seasoning process is excellent!"

  Market Wizard 
        Managed $600 Million

    Author of
           "Trade Like A Casino"

"Khaled's grasp of what great traders have learned over their seasoning process is excellent!" 

Tom Basso 

Market Wizard
Featured across Jack Schwager’s “Market Wizard” series
A Former Hedge Fund Manager and founder of Trendstat Capital Management , which at its peak handled $600 million worth of other people’s money.
Founder LLC

"The Art of Losing" teaches us to how to lose "safely". Khaled Maziad reminds us that since losses are inevitable preparation and acceptance are keys to maturity in speculative trading. I recommend this accessible and quick read for newcomers as well as seasoned veterans."

Richard Weissman

 A professional trader with over thirty years' experience
Providing  private consultations and training for over twenty years
 Author of  "Trade Like a Casino"

"Khaled is One of the best Trading Psychology Coaches out there...
If you're looking for advanced trading psychology discussions and actual advice you can follow (not the typical ones limited to quotable quotes), be sure to follow Khaled Maziad and watch his videos"

Joseph Adriel Aquino

 Full Time Trader (Equities, FX, Commodities, Indices), Independent Fund Manager & FTMO Prop Firm Trader. Mentor of over 400+ Trading Students.
Founder of Mesino Trading

I was blessed to be connected with Khaled and blessed to be one of the first batches on his course, which is the Mental Edge Accelerator program.

Khaled reconnected me to my true-self. The course is one of the most beautiful course I've taken, as every single lesson is not about Khaled giving tips, but it's all about me/you, and each lesson precisely taps into the areas of yourself you never knew you had.   

I have become the person who I've always wanted to be, who I've always been looking for right from the start.”

Jet Toyco

Chief Editor and Design 

"The strategy is not the only important tool in you traders suitcase. There's also huge influence of the mindset when your at the charts. All people have gone through some issues: fear of missing out, greed, impulsive actions and many more. Khaled is great help to getting through psychological aspect, which brings us closer to that AHA moment and becoming consistent!

Didzis Kalejs

“Huge thanks to Khaled for being a great mentor. He helped me realise that I am a human being with full potentials and I can be who I want to be. 

Thank you again Khaled for reminding me that life is never perfect. There will always be good and bad experiences. But no matter what happens, I will focus on the goals, not obstacles.

P.S. I can only attract more of what I already have those are happiness, love and fulfillment."

Geroy Liza
  Civil Engineer

One session gave clarity on identifying what I really need to improve on regarding my trading strategy and psychology. How Khaled explained my problems and how he suggest to me to overcome it is simply understandable on my level of expertise.”

 Jet Ty

“You dug out the real problem from me what I couldn't diagnose by myself for the last 13 years, despite reading up on success and entrepreneurship religiously. It was painful, but also liberating and eye-opening.”

Mirza Sutrenso

"Through your guidance, I was able to find my bigger why that will help me set the path like a compass on my journey. I learned how to reconnect to my true self during the deep coaching session, this was an enlightening moment and it gives a sense of peace to me, a good to be home feel. 

And finally I was able to Identify an aspect of me that is problematic, good at starting something and but not finishing it. Once, again I cannot Thank you enough"

Jay T.

"This is the first time that I talk to someone who is honest in going deep down my thoughts, who was able to see my lapses and be able impart his expertise and kindness to me. Thank you Khaled for this unforgettable experience."

Allan B.

Become a Fearless Father : How To Gain Mental Clarity & Emotional Balance - Interview With Khaled Maziad

  • How does one gain mental clarity and emotional balance?
  • ​The importance of Work-life balance
  • ​Khaled's biggest golden nugget for entrepreneur dads
  • ​And much more...

Desire To Trade : The Master Of Trading Mindset - Khaled Maziad | Trader Interview

  • Who am I and where I come from? [00:27]
  • ​My introduction to trading [02:50]
  • When did my mindset shift in trading happen? [07:18]
  • ​What is EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE and how it relates to trading [11:07]
  • The importance of focusing on the risk in trading (what if I am wrong?)[15:41]
  • ​How to stop failing at trading [18:12] 
  • The BIG mistake most people make when trading [27:28]
  • What are my goals for the future [36:25]
  • ​The # 1 mistake traders make in life & trading
  • ​My motivation for what I do [37:10]
  • ​ My top piece of advice for traders [38:33]
  • ​And much more...

League Of Learners Summit : "How To Break Your Account Resistance & Scale Your Trading Business By Expanding Your Mental & Emotional Capacity"

  • How To Define Your Account Resistance? 
  • How To Break Your Inner Resistance?
  • 5 Steps to Break Your Account Resistance?
  • ​And much more...
Student Success Stories
Student Success Story: From Stuckness to Freedom & Growth (Trading Psychology ) 🚀

Jet Success and Transformation Story (in less than 2 months)

  • ​ Breaking out of the comfort zone
  • ​The difference between micro and macro goals
  • ​The most transformation part of the program and the real breakthrough
  • ​Is there a magic pill to success?!
  • ​Handling Hard times in trading and life
  • Jet sharing his experience with the Hot Seat (And what the hell is that?!)
  • ​The impact & value weekly Q&A and the community
  • ​The importance of having a mentor to help you see your full potential
  • The story of his worst life experience in trading and life and how he handled them(Must watch)
  • ​The # 1 mistake traders make in life & trading
  • ​ Jet's advice for trader for new and experienced traders (It's not what you think)
  • ​ Discovering that the mental and life edge is more important than a trading edge (Really?)
  • ​And much more...
Want to get in touch?  Let's talk!
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" Learn The 7-Step Process To Release Suppressed Emotions That Drive Your Irrational Behaviors In Trading & Beyond"

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